Festival wide installation "AUTHORISED" by Lili M. Rampre

The festival-wide video installation "AUTHORISED" can be seen in all festival cities from 8 to 19 May 2019. Here is a small teaser:

WELCOME to tanz nrw 19

Art requires reflection. Audiences require curiosity – in addition to the desire to engage in reflection. Both curiosity and desire are what we aim to arouse – with a festival that always marks a state of exception. With dance, choreographic experiments and artistic ventures. With socially relevant art that establishes connections between the work the audience.

The festival-wide installation “AUTHORISED” by Lili M. Rampre puts the audience in front of the camera in exactly this way. It allows spectators to have a say, toying with the concept of authorship in art and the role of the beholder, by enquiring: What was the biggest challenge you faced while developing this work? What inspired the choreography? And anyway: What is it about?
Pondering these questions when we attend a performance confronts us with our own perceptive faculties. Watching is an active task – a balancing act between what is real and what is imaginary. A single performance can change our perspective and our mentality. We truly believe in the power of art when it is met with curiosity and interest.

Ben J. Riepe will kick off the seventh edition of the festival with “GEISTER – Fragment XL”, an atmospheric work of choreography that opens up new realms full of palpable energy. We are also thrilled to host four premieres by Alexandra Waierstall & Rita McBride, Folkwang Dance Studio with Michiel Vandevelde, MichaelDouglas Kollektiv & Dana Caspersen and the duo HARTMANNMUELLER. The festival tanz nrw 19 puts 24 ensembles and artists centre stage and is excited to supply them with audiences full of curiosity and inquisitiveness. Because no audience means no art.

On behalf of all team members, artists and partners of the festival, we look forward to welcoming you!

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