Age of Curse

tansan-sui / Chikako Kaido

Age of Curse

Wed 05 | 05
19.00 h


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Have social networks catapulted us back into the Dark Age? On these global platforms, cursing is currently experiencing a renaissance and the opinions of the individual have taken on unforeseen power. Through these “curse machines”, as choreographer Chikako Kaido calls them, communication can be channelled, ideas formed and morality put to the test. With “Age of Curse”, she questions the immortality of our data, the voodoo behind all the math of modern information technology and the strange proximity between digitality and spirituality.

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Konzept / Choreografie: Chikako Kaido // Kreation / Tanz: Hannah Krebs, Karl Rummel, Jascha Viehstädt //Videoinstallation: Fabian Heitzhausen // Musik: Stefan Schneider // Dramaturgie: Antonio Stella // Licht: Kanade Hamawaki // Kostüme: Lisa Klinger // Technik: Tobias Heide // Film-Dokumentation: Wiebke Rompel



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