Dilan Ercenk-Heimann


With “EL Z G”, choreographer and performer Dilan Ercenk-Heimann attempts to capture the essence of the Halay dances, on which this project is based. The video work is, in a way, a distillation of the folk dances and music of the eastern Anatolian region of Elazig. In her artistic exploration, Ercenk-Heimann dispenses with the force of group formation, variety of colours of traditional costumes and dominance of live instrumentation, thus enabling a different perspective and concentration on this culturally and traditionally shaped dance phenomenon.


Conzept, Choreography, Performance: Dilan Ercenk-Heimann
Direction: Dilan Ercenk-Heimann, Deren Ercenk
Camera: Ronny Heimann, Deren Ercenk
Editing: Dilan Ercenk-Heimann
Music: Dilan Ercenk-Heimann
Music Mastering: Bryan "shordeli" Shortell


Dilan Ercenk-Heimann

Funded by

Künstlerstipendium des Ministeriums für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW
Digitale Bühne
  • 04 | 05 - 14 | 05 Digital, On Demand
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