Just before Falling

El Cuco Projekt

Just before Falling

Sat 08 | 05
20.00 h


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Is it comforting to know that things that fall can break apart in an infinite number of ways – but never in the same way twice? “Just before Falling” allows audiences to experience that moment just before the fall, just before things shatter, over and over again. Between constant repetition and attention to detail, two masked performers parading as deceptively real-looking human-animal hybrids navigate what appear to be the same situations time and time again. El Cuco Projekt confronts audiences “with the unpredictable and thus with life itself” (Thomas Linden, choices). With this vivid display of our everyday routines turned topsy-turvy, “Just before Falling” challenges our linear understanding of time and space.

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Idee / Choreografie: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona // Masken / Set Design: Gonzalo Barahona & Sonia Franken // Performance: Carla Jordão, Jimin Seo // Stimme: Ann Geraldine Franken // Licht: Roman Sroka // Komposition: Valerij Lisac // Kostüme: Lena Thelen // Presse: neurohr & andrä // Administration: Jacqueline Gräf // Trailer / Fotografie / Video-Dokumentation: Julia Franken // DANK AN: Javier Barahona Uribe, Hannah Krebs, Ann Geraldine Franken


Sonia Franken


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