Get yourself an extra dose of dance!

All festival visitors are invited to join in our free, practical opportunities and offers that accompany the performance programme. The format “tanz.access” creates avenues of inclusivity and increased accessibility. “tanz.backstage”, “Physical Introduction” and “Physical Traces”, which proved extremely popular with audiences at the 2019 festival, are aimed at all those who would like to find out more or get involved themselves. Through “tanz.match”, artists and outreach workers have been able to develop new formats that will be introduced to audiences at the 2021 edition of the festival for the first time.

In the event that this year’s tanz nrw festival must take place digitally due to the pandemic, there will also be digital formats to try out!

Due to the measurements taken to contain the Corona pandemic, please register via tanzvermittlung@tanz-nrw-aktuell.de if you would like to participate.

You can find all dates of the outreach programme in our Programme schedule.


lets visitors take a look behind the scenes: how do dance professionals work together and what happens on the days leading up to a performance, for instance at tech rehearsals or final choreographic run-throughs? These moderated visits open up the lines of communication between dance professionals and audience members.


gives audiences various possibilities to explore artistic productions. Prior to the festival – during rehearsals for the latest works by Artmann&Duvoisin, Renegade and Overhead Project – choreographers, dramaturges and outreach specialists worked together to develop new formats for presenting audiences artistic ideas from different perspectives. It’s a recipe for new experiences.

Physical Introduction

invites audiences to get their own bodies moving an hour before the performance begins. For about 45 minutes, a dance instructor will guide participants through simple exercises to loosen the joints and rouse the senses in preparation for the upcoming performance. No previous experience required – just join in and have fun!

Physical Traces

offers audience members the chance to reenergise their bodies directly after a performance. Participants will receive instruction in perceptual and physical exercises that reactivate the imagery and traces of the choreography they have just seen. “Physical Traces” lasts about 30 minutes and is open to anyone interested in getting their body moving regardless of ability level.


creates channels of accessibility for people with sensory impairments using audio description and TouchTour, German Sign Language (DGS) interpreters and audio induction loops. There will also be opportunities for visitors to engage in interactive talks with the artists through access formats before and after the performances.
tanz.access is funded by Aktion Mensch.